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Guided Meditations with Pranayama techniques *deutsch & english

Mini Medi ♥ Mindfully Beautiful - See It & Attract Positivity ♥ Holiday for the Heart

March 22, 2020

Mini Meditation – quick & effectively to breathe in love, tend to the small things.

Anger, hate, destruction are the opposite of beauty. Exhale consciously and let go of exactly these negative things. Both exist, you draw your attention to the beautiful. Feel the inhalation, invite the beauty with love. Where is it hiding? What's is all nice for you? And who has grace? Are you valuing the small things? You know, in those moments when you don't expect to see the charm, you deliberately focus your attention on it… attracting the positive and the beautiful, you can learn it. If you keep moving your awareness from one fascinating blade of grass to another, from one enchanting moment to the next. Then you expand your field of vision, you attract more positive things, simply because you notice it now. And at some point you see the whole meadow, the whole world with new eyes.
Every moment: Breathe in love.

Mini Medis are powerful in a sweet way, it is like a short holiday trip from your daily life. Be the hero of your day.


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Holiday for the Heart does not replace the treatment of a doctor, naturopath or therapist!