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Guided Meditations with Pranayama techniques *deutsch & english

Mini Medi ♥ How to motivate yourself – daily ray of hope ♥ Holiday for the Heart

April 5, 2020

Mini Meditation – quick & effectively with questions to get conscious about your daily Motivation boosts. What keeps you spinning.

You know you will find the solutions within yourself, but I am happy to give you some inspirations. For this, close your eyes and feel inside yourself, the answers slumber in you:

How can you switch off completely and forget the time?
Which day of the week makes you happy and why?
What are you most looking forward to when you think about breakfast?
Which music inspires your soul?
What is surprising you again and again in a new positive way?
Which friends fulfill your heart with love?
Which goals keep you motivated?
Can you discover the joy in small things, hanging up the laundry, cooking or on the way to work?

I guess you had a lot of gleams of hope. Write them down, hang them where you can see them. Consciously invite happiness and attention to it into your life, motivate yourself with what you love. Mini Medis are powerful in a sweet way, it is like a short holiday trip from your daily life. Be the hero of your day.


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Holiday for the Heart does not replace the treatment of a doctor, naturopath or therapist!