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Category: Health & Fitness

Guided Meditations with Pranayama techniques *deutsch & english

Mini Medi ♥ Healthy & Happy Lifestyle ♥ Holiday for the Heart

April 12, 2020

Mini Meditation – quick & effectively to take the lead, act as if you are healthy. See, feel it to attract well-being into your life.

Health, healing and recovery / regeneration is your current topic. Close your eyes gently, arrive in yourself. In which situation did you feel really happy last time? Full of strength and in your element? Imagine it again ... but change one important little thing: time. Imagine your picture in the future, it will happen again. You will attract it, the future is now. If your picture is changing, allow it. There is no room for doubt. How does it feel, when you are healthy? Who is with you? Imagine it as vividly as you can, all your senses are there. Do you smell something? What are you hearing? When you are fully charged with happiness, gently open your eyes and hold on to your health. Surround yourself with friends who are good for you. Then it doesn't matter what you do and you dive back into your well-being.

Mini Medis are powerful in a sweet way, it is like a short holiday trip from your daily life. Be the hero of your day.


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Holiday for the Heart does not replace the treatment of a doctor, naturopath or therapist!