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Guided Meditations with Pranayama techniques *deutsch & english

Mini Medi ♥ Attracting love ♥ Holiday for the Heart

May 24, 2020

MINI MEDItation/MEDIcine – quick & effectively to surrender to the moment and attract the love you desire.

Are you seeking for love? To tenderly get touched and to get embraced full of trust and compassion? Or just to get a massage? If all of this feels so far away for you, I invite you to work on manifestation to achieve your desires into your life. Close your eyes and picture yourself sitting in the middle of a tunnel, it’s dark and you are waiting… waiting for the sun to break through the rocks to you. If this seems as impossible as it feels for me, imagine yourself standing up, setting the intention to reach the light on your own. Starting to walk to the entrance and with every step you take it, the more you get into the flow of giving what you wanna receive, the most easiest it is to achieve your goal. To attract he light instead of darkness. What are you willing to give?

Mini Medis are powerful in a sweet way, it is like a short holiday trip from your daily life. Be the hero of your day.


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Holiday for the Heart does not replace the treatment of a doctor, naturopath or therapist!