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Guided Meditations with Pranayama techniques *deutsch & english

How to meditate? Where? Why? ♥ Guided Meditation 7 Minutes ♥ think outside the box

March 8, 2020

Open to infinite possibility.

You are meditating regularly, but it’s not working properly at the moment, you can’t find inner peace and you are wondering whether it makes sense what you are doing there? Or you are brand new, meditating is like a new journey? Or are you just curious?

For all those questions, an inspiration for an answer could now be included. Let’s start here: What do you associate with the word: MEDITATION?
Are they different words coming? Is it a feeling? Do you have a specific idea of ​​what it should look like or how it should be? Whatever you perceive at the moment, it is good and may be exactly it. Don't judge, take yourself exactly as you are. Everything can be! You can be! Without changing, just like you are experiencing yourself now.

Imagine a box, it stands in front of you and you put something different in it every day. Sometimes it fits very easily, there is still a lot of space in the box and you could put more in and then the box is too small and you would need a larger one on an other day. Now replace the box with your brain, you feed it with news daily. Some days you just soak all the informations in and on others there is no place, you feel overwhelmed: so much input. Have you not yet discovered the place where you can buy a bigger brain? Neither do I! But I have an idea, how you can break out of the box. To give yourself more space. It's easy, do you wanna know it?
If you listen very closely I will tell you my secret, some days it is well hidden: the acceptance. Simply accept everything as it is. Today you have 5 minutes to meditate, well, then it is 5 minutes and on an other it will be 10 minutes or an hour. Be flexible and not so strict with yourself, not everything fits in the same box! ;) Certainly not your life! Detach yourself from the image of a monk sitting still! Maybe you are watching your breath today, tomorrow there is a walking meditation, then a mantra meditation and then is the meditative state of mind coming while cooking, painting or doing Yoga.

The only tip/advice I can give you: make an appointment with yourself to meditate. Every day. How long and what you do, don’t worry, let yourself be surprised by your meditation date!

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