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Category: Health & Fitness

Guided Meditations with Pranayama techniques *deutsch & english

Guided Meditation Self Acceptance ♥ Accept to turn Pain into Love

April 1, 2020

For Harmony & Peace through Acceptance.

Can you accept yourself as you are?
Can you say YES to yourself?
Or are there any parts of the body, feelings, thoughts or situations with which you are not in harmony?
Do you feel any pain or disharmony or you just want to experience yourself new? Get more consciousness?
Then make yourself comfortable and we'll start together.

We beginn with counting the breath to connect to the body and calm your mind. Leave your daily life behind you and all worries. Invite relaxation and mindfulness.
Then follows
- a body scan, perceive your body, your physical level.
- a thought scan, perceive your thoughts and your brain, your mental level.
- an emotional scan, perceive your feelings, your emotions and your heart, your level of feeling.

Heal your wounds, pain, and invite health. Allow healing. Accept what is - with the inhale, accept yourself and detach yourself from what you want to let go with the exhale. Transform negative into positive. You can let go by accepting: Get aware to relieve! Get aware of everything what needs to get your attention.
Say YES to you!

We use strengthening and vividly mantras:
"I am healthy!“
"I am ready to accept my feelings!"
"I am ready to accept my thoughts!"
"I am ready to accept my body as it is!"
Take care of yourself! The way you can perceive yourself. Allow what you can and want to allow. 
Inhale and exhale love. Charge yourself with love & gratitude.
"I am grateful for my feelings." 
"I am grateful for my thoughts." 
"I am grateful for my body."
"I am grateful that I can accept myself exactly as I am!"
"I am thankful for my being.“


Holiday for the Heart does not replace the treatment of a doctor, naturopath or therapist!